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Choosing the Perfect Newborn Photography Session: Studio, In-Home, or Fresh 48?

Capturing the early moments of a newborn's life through photography is a cherished tradition for many

families. From their tiny fingers to their adorable yawns, every moment seems like a precious memory worth preserving. As a photographer specializing in newborn sessions, I understand the importance of selecting the right setting to ensure these memories are beautifully immortalized. In this blog post, we'll explore the different types of newborn photography sessions – studio, in-home, and fresh 48 – to help you decide which one is perfect for you and your little one.

Studio Sessions

Studio sessions are a classic choice for newborn photography, offering a controlled environment with access to beautiful natural light, props, and accessories. These sessions are typically scheduled within the first two weeks of the baby's life when they are still sleepy and more easily posed. One of the primary benefits of studio sessions is the ability to create artistic setups that showcase your baby in a variety of adorable poses.


  1. Controlled environment: Studios provide consistent lighting and settings, ensuring high-quality photographs.

  2. Professional setups: Photographers can create beautiful backdrops and themes tailored to your preferences.

  3. Extensive props: From baskets to blankets, studios often have a wide selection of props to enhance the photoshoot.


  1. Travel required: Families need to travel to the studio, which can be challenging during the early days with a newborn.

In Home Sessions

In-Home Sessions: In-home newborn sessions offer a more relaxed and intimate experience, capturing your baby in the comfort of their own surroundings. Whether it's in the nursery, living room, or even the master bedroom, these sessions aim to document the authentic moments and connections within your family. In-home sessions are especially appealing for parents who prefer a more natural and candid approach to photography.


  1. Comfort and convenience: You and your baby can relax in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for travel.

  2. Personalized setting: Photographs taken in your home reflect your family's personality and lifestyle.

  3. Candid moments: In-home sessions capture genuine interactions and emotions, resulting in authentic and heartfelt photographs.


  1. Variable lighting: Depending on your home's natural lighting conditions, achieving consistent and flattering lighting may be challenging.

  2. Limited space: Smaller homes or cluttered spaces may restrict the variety of setups and compositions.

Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 sessions take place within the first 48 hours of your baby's life, usually in the hospital or birthing center. These sessions focus on documenting the fleeting moments of your baby's earliest days, from their first yawns to their tiny fingers and toes. Fresh 48 sessions offer a unique opportunity to capture the raw emotions and excitement of welcoming a new family member.


  1. Raw and authentic: Fresh 48 sessions capture the unfiltered moments of your baby's first days, including the joy, exhaustion, and wonder.

  2. Immediate memories: These sessions document the immediate bond between parents and their newborn, preserving memories that may otherwise fade with time.

  3. No preparation required: With a fresh 48 session, there's no need to worry about dressing up or tidying your home – the focus is solely on your baby.


  1. Limited timeframe: Fresh 48 sessions are time-sensitive and must be scheduled shortly after birth, which may be challenging to coordinate.

  2. Hospital setting: While hospitals provide a unique backdrop, they may lack the aesthetic appeal of a studio or home environment.

Choosing the perfect newborn photography session ultimately depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and priorities as a family. Whether you opt for the controlled environment of a studio, the intimacy of an in-home session, or the raw emotion of a fresh 48 session, the most important thing is to select a photographer who understands your vision and can capture the essence of your growing family. Whichever session type you choose, the resulting photographs will serve as cherished mementos of this special chapter in your lives for years to come.


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