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How to Prepare Your Home for a Lifestyle Newborn Session

As a photographer, one of the most heartwarming and fulfilling experiences is capturing the essence of a newborn's early days in their natural environment - their home. Lifestyle newborn sessions offer an intimate and authentic portrayal of the new family dynamic. To ensure the success of such a session, adequate preparation is key. If you're getting ready to welcome a little bundle of joy into your life and want to preserve these precious moments forever, here are some tips on how to prepare your home for a lifestyle newborn session.

Schedule the Session Strategically:

Timing is everything when it comes to newborn photography. I recommend booking your session during your third trimester of pregnancy. Ideally, scheduling the session within the first two weeks after your baby's arrival. During this time, newborns are more likely to sleep deeply, curl up naturally, and showcase their inherent innocence.

Declutter and Simplify:

To create a calm and harmonious atmosphere, declutter the spaces where you intend to have the photos taken. A clean and tidy environment will draw attention to what truly matters—the love and connection between you and your newborn. Focus on creating a serene backdrop with minimal distractions.

Find the Right Light:

Natural light is a photographer's best friend. Identify the rooms in your home with the most natural light, and discuss with your photographer where to set up the shoot. Large windows and soft, diffused light will create a dreamy ambiance that enhances the beauty of your family.

Consider the Nursery:

The nursery is the heart of your baby's new world, so it's a great place to capture meaningful moments. Ensure the nursery is organized and visually appealing. Personal touches like handcrafted decorations or baby's name on the wall can add a special touch to the photos.

Keep the Room Warm:

Newborns are sensitive to temperature changes, and they are most comfortable in a warm environment. Keep the room where the photos will be taken comfortably warm to help your baby relax and sleep peacefully during the session.

6. Have Essential Supplies Ready:

During the session, you might need to take short breaks for feeding, changing, or comforting your baby. Have all the necessary supplies ready, such as diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and extra outfits. This way, you can quickly attend to your baby's needs without any disruption.

How to Dress:

Choose timeless outfits that reflect your personal style and complements your home's color palette. Remember, the focus is on your connection with your baby, so opt for clothes that distract from that bond. Soft, neutral tones photography well. Refrain from bright, florescent colors as they can cast an unpleasant hue on skin.

Include Siblings and Pets:

If you have older children or pets, involve them in the session. Lifestyle newborn photos that capture the entire family are incredibly heartwarming and tell a beautiful story of love and unity. Prepare your older children for the session and let them know how important they are in welcoming the new family member.

Trust Your Photographer:

It's important to find a photographer that specializes in newborn photography, not only for their expert posing but also for newborn safety. A skilled newborn photographer will have a keen eye for capturing candid moments and genuine emotions. Trust their expertise and vision. Let the photographer guide you through the session and capture the authentic beauty of your family's love.

Preparing your home for a lifestyle newborn session is an exciting journey that involves creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your little one's first photo shoot. By scheduling the session wisely, decluttering your space, and embracing natural light, you're setting the stage for heartfelt and timeless images that will be treasured for generations to come. Remember, it's not just about taking photographs; it's about capturing the love, connection, and joy that fill your home during this magical time.

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