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Never Grow Up: Peter Pan Cake Smash

Turning one year old is a special milestone, and what better way to celebrate it than with a cake smash session! I have had the privilege of getting to know this sweet family over the past year and it has truly been an honor to capture memories for them. Their sweet boy, Peter, was born last February and I captured newborn photos for them in their home. The family chose to add on two milestone session as well. We took 6 month photos of Peter in the garden with a Peter Rabbit theme. For his one year photoshoot, his mother asked for a Peter Pan themed cake smash photo shoot and I could not have been more excited!

This whimsical and adventurous theme created incredible memories for the family. The timeless story of Peter Pan and his Neverland adventures made it a perfect choice for Peter's first birthday theme. We decided to set up two different backdrops for this session. The first was a simple wooden backdrop that looks as though you are in Peter Pan's treehouse. The second was a green and whimsical forest scene to set the stage for Peter's Neverland adventures. We added a pirate ship, clock, lantern, and lost boys sign to enhance the Peter Pan vibe. Peter looked absolutely adorable in his Peter Pan hat and diaper cover.

The highlight of the photo shoot was cake smash. Peter's mother provided a classic vanilla cake with white icing topped with a "Never Grow Up" cake topper. Peter absolutely LOVED his cake, despite his initial hesitance. Once he got a good taste he was hooked (pun intended). As Peter dug into the cake with his hands and feet, we all laughed and clapped along with him. His joy and excitement was not only adorable, but contagious.

We concluded his cake smash session with a bubble bath (which was perfect because he certainly needed a bath after all of that fun with the cake! :) He playfully splashed in the tub and we capture every sweet moment.

This Peter Pan themed cake smash photo shoot was a fun way to celebrate this little one's first birthday. These memories will last a lifetime and will be treasured for years to come. Happy birthday, Peter!


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